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The 2024 Dev Leader Toolstack

In 2024, we should use the best tools to create the best software teams. This toolstack will help us deliver the right things fast. We should start...

Taking Small Bets in Software Development

How can we take small bets in software development? We walk through small bets in 3 areas: resource allocation, product features, & personal...

The Gap in Dev Leader Tooling

Software development leaders have sophisticated tools to manage the SDLC (i.e. Jira, Asana, DevOps), but they manage their people with OneNote and...

Devs Are Different

Developers have different needs, desires, motivators, & interests than the rest of your company. Managing them effectively requires a different...

Creating 10x Developers

Creating 10x developers. Explaining what a 10x developer is. Developers can have an outsized impact on businesses by leveraging technology.

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